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A happy hour can range from a handful of executives unwinding with a traditional cocktail in a dimly lit lounge to a raucous group of Millenials cutting loose at a loud bar. In any case, it is an event traditionally filled with conversations about bosses, relationships, and job opportunities, as well as the excitement of what the weekend, next week, and the future hold.  For better or worse, there is a lot of advice offered by well-intentioned friends and co-workers.

The Happy Hour Coach® delivers accessible and meaningful group life coaching in the spirit of the Happy Hour. Participants experience an immediate and lasting impact in a non-threatening environment as they let go of what is holding them back and look forward to what’s ahead.

Under the leadership of a certified professional coach who is also accredited by Ressmeyer Partners Happy Hour Coach®, groups of individuals engage in forward-focused conversations around important topics in their lives: job satisfaction, uncovering purpose and passion, health and wellness, work life balance, relationships and more.

Each session includes content, tools and techniques delivered by the coach while engaging willing participants in looking at the things in their lives that might be holding them back. A topic is pre-selected for each session, and a series of sessions can be scheduled to dig deeper into a given topic, or cover a range of themes over time.

The sessions can take place in a social venue, the company offices, an offsite event or conference, a home – or even a bar. Alcohol – always in moderation – is optional!

Contact tim@happyhourcoach.com to discuss Happy Hour Coach® opportunities.

Heard at Happy Hours

  • “I’m so bored with what I’m doing.”
  • “Things are rough at home right now.”
  • “I wish I was making more of an impact on my team.”
  • “I’m excited about my promotion but I really need to do a great job.”
  • “I want to get to the next level but I’m not sure how to do it.”
  • “I keep attracting the same kind of dates. What am I doing wrong?”

Happy Hour Coach® Session Topics (partial list)

  • Live a healthy, vibrant life
  • Create high energy relationships
  • Hone dynamic communication skills
  • Develop your spiritual self
  • Live with a greater sense of purpose
  • Improve your personal finances
  • Align your passion with your job

Happy Hour Coach® Benefits

  • Tools for use in real life
  • Removes fear of coaching
  • Fun – and meaningful – for groups of friends, co-workers, teams, affinity groups
  • Impactful – but more fun – corporate development activity for employees or teams
  • Customizable – one time event or series

Why Coaching?

The primary focus of coaching is to help you be the very best you can be, and inspire and champion you. In addition you can expect: professionalism, confidentiality, accountability, challenge, partnership, and forward-looking action.Coaches differ from other types of professionals. A therapist typically focuses on problems routed in the past – why things happened. Mentors serve as role models and show how they got to where they are. A sports coach focus on winning, win-lose decisions, and perfecting your form/game. Friends and family mean well, but have an agenda of their own that is connected to your outcomes.