Strategic Experts & Partners

Chicago Life CoachingOur lives are multi-faceted and complex. Ressmeyer Partners helps our clients make connections with professionals beyond coaching through Strategic Experts and Partners. Needs might include financial planning, estate planning, job recruiting, holistic health services, business services and more. These are typically ongoing consultative relationships that help achieve personal strategic goals. We have identified select practitioners in these areas who share our same values and we will gladly make referrals and introductions.

Contact to discuss referrals and introductions to Strategic Experts & Partners.

Why Coaching?

The primary focus of coaching is to help you be the very best you can be, and inspire and champion you. In addition you can expect: professionalism, confidentiality, accountability, challenge, partnership, and forward-looking action.

Coaches differ from other types of professionals. A therapist typically focuses on problems routed in the past – why things happened. Mentors serve as role models and show how they got to where they are. A sports coach focus on winning, win-lose decisions, and perfecting your form/game. Friends and family mean well, but have an agenda of their own that is connected to your outcomes.