Life Coach Testimonials

“Tim – thank you again so much for the catch-up yesterday. It was very helpful, refreshing, productive, and…. inspiring!!! I always get tremendous value out of connecting with you… You gave me a few specific nuggets that I’m carrying with me right now as well as specific coaching and feedback on my resume and cover letter which I know will be invaluable. .”

“Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to introduce us to the Happy Hour Coach® session. It was FUN and you did a perfect job relating to us all in a personal way. I appreciate your perspective and thank you for the tips on keeping energy levels in a good place shifting them when needed.” – Kathleen, CASA of NH

“I like the Happy Hour coaching approach as it is more relaxed and people tend to open up more. It put everyone on the same playing field and everyone felt they could contribute without been judged.”
- Bernadette

“Firstly, Tim you did an excellent job in your presentation clearly you understood our organization. It was helpful to take a day and review how we do business. I found all the tools very helpful. This coaching technique is applicable in a wide variety of areas. Indeed wherever people need to interact and communicate effectively. If you need to work and communicate with others, this program can benefit you.”
- Dorothy Piquado (CASA)

“Tim has been truly instrumental in shaping my lifelong career trajectory. Through identifying my unique strengths and helping me realize how to best apply them, Tim not only boosted my productivity on a day-to-day basis, but his insightful “big picture” perspective also gave me the confidence I needed to make a bold transition from the private sector to academia.” - Gregory Sharp, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

“I had never thought about working with a professional coach before connecting with Tim. After several months of working together, I can honestly say he has been a terrific partner who has elevated my self-awareness and helped me more clearly articulate my goals and needs. He brings a balance of empathy, objectivity and professionalism that works extremely well for someone (like me) who was looking for a specific blend of career and personal coaching.” – J.G., Chicago

“I always knew where I wanted to go with my career, until I suddenly found that I was unsure and lacked the clarity I was so used to having. Fortunately, I was able to work with Tim Ressmeyer. His gentle, but firm, questioning and support helped me to articulate several possible pathways and to own a vision for myself that helped me seek the next step in my career.” – J.R., New York

“Within our first couple of sessions, it was clear that he “got” me and was able to chart a course to help me become even more self-aware. During our time together, I was able to develop the skills needed to monitor and manage my energy levels and even how to affect those around me.” – K.P., New York

“Tim has a true gift for asking the prompting questions that will make you think, reflect, and make forward progress. In addition to asking questions, Tim is also able to listen and really hear what you’re saying to help tailor your experience to your needs.” – M.E., Chicago

“Tim has the extraordinary ability to ask questions that have focused my attention on how I interact with my peers, clients and even my family. The objective from day-1 of our work was to strengthen interpersonal and management skills and assets, and without question the objectives were met.” – H.T., Los Angeles